Design charrettes are critical to one of the signature deliverables of HDC’s Exemplary Buildings Program: a series of guidelines that facilitate our sector’s ability to achieve Washington state’s building performance mandate before the 2031 deadline.

Our fourth charrette, which took place on July 29, 2020, zeroed in on early integrative design.

( Check out the product of our first design charrette: “Guidelines for Wall Assemblies 1.0” )

Once again, the Exemplary Buildings task force members and participants defied conventional wisdom, allowing neither the challenges of social distancing nor the idiosyncracies of web conferencing to obstruct the creativity, intensity, and productivity that the charrette model is uniquely known for.

The virtual charrette on early integrative design was expertly facilitated by task force members Joe Giampietro of JGA Consultants, Becky Bicknell of Walsh Construction, and David Reddy of O’Brien360. We’re grateful to charrette sponsors Bullitt Foundation and Edwards Mother Earth Foundation, whose support has helped us launch and grow this program.


PLEASE NOTE: These slides are preliminary inputs to the process that will yield published guidelines supporting full implementation. We will announce release of those guidelines soon.

The following images give you a small glimpse of the important work that took place.

About Our Design Charrettes

HDC’s Exemplary Buildings Program, led by a task force of remarkably committed local thought and practice leaders, champions development of housing that is simultaneously healthy, safe, ultra-energy-efficient and affordable.

We believe having standardized practices in place will help us more consistently and cost-effectively achieve our performance goals.

To define those standardized practices, we’re hosting a series of intensive design charrettes focused on several technical areas (Balanced Ventilation & Heat Recovery; Domestic Hot Water & Water Management; Healthy Building Materials; Early Integrative Design; Solar Integration; and Wall Assemblies). Each charrette will produce a set of recommended guidelines for that particular technical area.

Early Integrative Design Charrette: Presentation slides available