As you all probably know by now, HDC’s Exemplary Buildings Program (EBP) has five demonstration projects in various stages of the design and construction process.  On October 5, Sondra Nielsen of DESC, Scott Crosby of Ankrom Moisan, and David Reddy of O’Brien360 had the opportunity to present to the Housing Washington community on this exemplary building initiative.

The group presented information and early lessons learned on two of the demonstration projects, DESC’s Hobson Place South and SHA’s Sawara, and offered a summary of project characteristics and data on all five projects participating in EBP.

We thank all of the 120+ participants for attending, especially for their patience through an unexpected mid-presentation break for questions as David’s IT software decided to install a firmware update!

>>>The slides presented are available for download here.<<<

EBP’s Lessons Learned: Housing Washington Conference Presentation Slide Deck Available