Equity is one of three urgent and intersecting priorities driving the Exemplary Buildings Program. EBP task force member Steve Gelb of Emerald Cities Seattle passed on an incredible practical resource for companies and organizations committed to doing the work of integrating equity into building policy and programming. The tools was created by an impressive group (see below), and we’re excited to be able to share this tremendous resource with you.

Here’s the official announcement:

Centering Equity in Sustainable
Building Policies and Programs
Check out Equity and Buildings: A Practice Framework for Local Government Decision Makers – a brand new resource we are proud to share with you!

Why did we make this framework? Racial equity is a top priority in most North American cities. This document responds to local government and requests from the field for guidance targeted towards local government staff and practitioners who want to integrate equity into policies and programs focused on buildings. The Equity and Buildings framework combines expertise from leading equity-focused organizations and sustainability practitioners to lay out concepts and practices that can help cities and BIPOC communities work together more effectively to produce tangible climate equity outcomes.

Who wrote this? Emerald Cities Collaborative worked on this framework with USDN, Upright Consulting, and American Cities Climate Challenge. We also came together with an advisory committee of thought leaders from across the US and Canada to build on the work done by BIPOC-led equity organizations to hone in on practical guidance at this critical intersection.

The framework emphasizes the importance of approaching equity as a practice rather than a prescription — a practice that requires continuous commitment, learning, iteration, and improvement. 

Got limited time? Start by reviewing the twelve Principles of Practice to help cities center equity in their buildings policies and programs.
Interested in learning more about the skills and practices laid out in the framework? Get in touch for more on potential workshops and support.
EBP Partner Emerald Cities Publishes Guide to Integrating Equity in Building Policy + Programs