This page offers an ever-growing list of the practical, application-oriented products created by the Exemplary Buildings Program (EBP). Each one contributes to the EBP model’s goal: eliminating the traditional cost trade-off between unit number and energy efficiency that has long forced developers of affordable housing to prioritize the housing crisis over the climate crisis.

But! One of the most important things to know is that the promising practices we’re so excited about are not just for “exemplary” buildingsthey’re relevant to all buildings, and we’re just as eager about their potential to help build better affordable housing more generally.

We’re constantly gathering data, analyzing it, and learning how to refine our recommended specs, standards, and practices…so check back often!

EBP Design Guidelines

EBP Project Specifications

  • *New! Exemplary Buildings Specs 2.0This document compiles the recommendations included in the various HDC Exemplary Building Guideline documents listed above. It is intended as a template for design teams to edit and incorporate as they see fit into their own project-specific basis of design or specifications documents.
  • Spec Sheet for our Phase I demonstration projects

EBP Technical Briefs

Energy Studies and Case Studies from EBP Demonstration Projects (new construction)

Case Studies from Other Local Multifamily Affordable Housing (retrofits & new construction)

EBP Promising Practices Workshops

EBP-Related Presentations