Exemplary Buildings Program (EBP) task force member David Reddy of O’Brien360 gave an invited presentation to the Seattle Building Enclosure Council (SeaBEC) on November 19.

The PPT slides for David’s presentation, “HDC Exemplary Buildings Guidelines on Air Tightness and Balanced Ventilation”, can be viewed and downloaded here.

Sharon Libby of Walsh Construction Co., also a member of the EBP task force, serves as SeaBEC’s education chair. Because SeaBEC is featuring mechanical ventilation design in its professional development programming, Sharon recognized a great opportunity to share David’s expertise on ERV/HRV planning for code change with architects and consultants starting on designs that will be permitted with the ducted balanced ventilation requirements.

Presentation summary:

The 2018 Washington and Seattle energy codes represent significant progress towards realizing our 2030 state goals for energy efficiency in the built environment. The Exemplary Buildings Program (EBP) task force, coordinated by the Housing Development Consortium of Seattle-King County (HDC), has been working to build awareness of these changes among the affordable housing development, design, and construction community, including leading the development of guidelines/specifications for maximizing efficiency and reducing costs, and sharing lessons learned. David will provide background on the Exemplary Buildings Program, an overview of the air leakage and balanced ventilation specifications and guidelines that have been developed, and a progress update on EBP’s Phase 1 demonstration projects.

Presenter bio:

David has 20 years of professional experience, including 14 years focused on analyzing the performance of buildings. He is an advanced user and developer of whole building energy simulation software tools and other methods for analyzing building performance. David has experience using these models to evaluate and optimize designs of buildings, completing measurement and verification studies, document compliance with energy codes and green building certifications. He has consulted on a wide range of building projects, from single-family homes to sports stadiums, and even designed and built his own net-zero energy home. Multifamily buildings are one of David and O’Brien360’s key focus areas; we have experience provide auditing, analysis, green building certification and commissioning services on a wide range of project types, including market rate, workforce, senior and permanent supportive housing. David is passionate about working as part of an integrative design process, helping teams make informed, cost-effective decisions on efficiency measures, and expanding the use of actual performance data to inform the design process.

EBP task force member David Reddy presents to SeaBEC on balanced ventilation
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