“Amazing.” “Courage.” “Hero.”

Just a few of the words used by EBP task force members to describe Sondra Nielson, director of facilities and asset management for DESC.

Sondra plays an instrumental role in the development of DESC’s Hobson Place, currently underway and one of the first of the Exemplary Buildings Program’s demonstration projects. On Dec. 10th, EBP partner Shift Zero hosted Sondra for a pretty remarkable session.

Watch the incredibly informative (and lively!)  session with Sondra.

Sondra offered valuable insights into the commitment she and DESC bring to creating “exemplary” affordable housing and illuminated several key process issues they confronted when making the decision to achieve EBP’s exemplary standards.

The session featured outstanding Q&A with participants and engaged David Reddy, Steve Gelb, and Marty Kooistra, some of the EBP task force members working with Sondra on the exemplary standards for Hobson Place.

DESC’s Sondra Nielsen on making an exemplary building happen.